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****Notice to All Prospective Owners, Guests, Renters and Exchangers****

RAL Resorts and the resorts offering accommodations shall not be held responsible for any failure to provide accommodation or any other services due to events beyond our control, including but not limited to natural disasters, acts of government, labor disputes, or any other event that disrupts normal resort operations. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, the local area as well as the resorts are under construction. The resorts have the right to conduct construction-related activities during your stay. The construction activities may cause noise disturbances at the locations, shut down areas of the resorts for work to be completed, limit access to the elevator/stairwells, limit access to amenities normally offered at the resorts, etc. The island also has an extensive amount of work being conducted. The activities outside of the resorts are beyond the control of the resorts and RAL Resorts. In such cases, no refunds or compensation will be provided for those choosing to reserve accommodation at one of the resorts. Please contact RAL Resorts or the resort you are interested in staying at directly to inquire about the conditions of the property.


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